News 2021

Welcome to the website of Woodhall Friendly Bowls League with news and information for clubs, players and potential players for the 2021 season.

Because of Covid restrictions the AGM scheduled for March 2021 did not take place.

 With the reduction in numbers of both the North and South divisions the League currently comprises 13 teams which for this season has been  amalgamated into a single league. Three teams have decided to withdraw for this season, leaving Billinghay, Bristol, Cranwell, Eslaforde, Horncastle, Mareham-le-Fen, Ruskington, Sleaford Town, Wanderers and Woodpeckers.

 Even with only ten teams there would be insufficient time for a full home and away fixture list, allowing for spare catch-up weeks. So there will be nine rounds starting 23rd June.

The Ron White Shield will be held on 8th September at Mareham-le-Fen (where it will hopefully be a lot drier than 2019).

The Wilkinson Cup will not take place this year.

Woodhall Spa Friendly Bowls League Fixtures 2021

23 June 2021

Woodpeckers    v       Wanderers

Ruskington        v       Horncastle

Mareham-le-Fen v       Eslaforde

Cranwell   v       Sleaford Town

Billinghay v       Bristol


30 June 2021

Horncastle v       Woodpeckers

Mareham-le-Fen v       Wanderers

Sleaford Town   v       Ruskington

Bristol      v       Eslaforde

Billinghay v       Cranwell


07 July 2021

Woodpeckers    v       Mareham-le-Fen

Horncastle v       Sleaford Town

Wanderers v       Bristol

Ruskington        v       Billinghay

Eslaforde  v       Cranwell


14 July 2021

Sleaford Town   v       Woodpeckers

Bristol      v       Mareham-le-Fen

Horncastle v       Billinghay

Cranwell   v       Wanderers

Eslaforde  v       Ruskington


21 July 2021

Bristol      v       Woodpeckers

Sleaford Town   v       Billinghay

Mareham-le-Fen v       Cranwell

Horncastle v       Eslaforde

Wanderers v       Ruskington


28 July 2021

Billinghay v       Woodpeckers

Cranwell   v       Bristol

Eslaforde  v       Sleaford Town

Ruskington        v       Mareham-le-Fen

Wanderers v       Horncastle


04 August 2021

Woodpeckers    v       Cranwell

Billinghay v       Eslaforde

Bristol      v       Ruskington

Sleaford Town   v       Wanderers

Mareham-le-Fen v       Horncastle


11 August 2021

Eslaforde  v       Woodpeckers

Ruskington        v       Cranwell

Wanderers v       Billinghay

Horncastle v       Bristol

Mareham-le-Fen v       Sleaford Town


18 August 2021

Woodpeckers    v       Ruskington

Eslaforde  v       Wanderers

Cranwell   v       Horncastle

Billinghay v       Mareham-le-Fen

Bristol      v       Sleaford Town


25 August 2021                  Catch up

01 September 2021             Catch up

08 September 2021             Ron White Shield at Mareham-le-Fen