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Notes to the AGM of the Woodhall Spa friendly Bowls League

Attendance: All clubs were in attendance

The President:  Opened the meeting by giving thanks to the Cranwell Social Club for allowing us to have the meeting there and also providing coffees and teas.

He also thanked Rose Clapton for her work in the league as she was stepping down from the role of Chairman. Without her the league may have folded. She had persuaded the late Alan Robinson to take on the role of Competition Secretary when only the President and Treasure were in office.

Last season had been a good one and the introduction of a new format Wilkinson Shield had been a positive step

Remembrance: A minutes silence was held for all bowlers who had died over the last twelve months. We also remembered those suffering in Ukraine, Turkey and Iraq.

Matters Arising: None

Accounts and Subscriptions: The Treasurer presented the accounts and invited questions from the floor. He stated that we had adequate funds so he could see no reason for any subscriptions to be paid this year but going forward to next we would need to do so. We have minimum costs of £280 per year. This being £160 competition and £120 web page

Election of Officers: Nominations were asked for and none were forthcoming. The existing Officers agreed to put their names forward for re-election. As this did not include anyone for the role of Chairman. Rose Clapton reluctantly agreed to stand again despite her personal problems. All were re-elected,

Venues for Competitions: It was agreed that the Ron White would be held at Mareham and Stan Hargreaves at Woodhall town.

Proposals: It was agreed after a vote of seven votes to five that the League would return to two division for the coming season.

The Wilkinson Shield was adjudged to be a success and would played again this season.

The Ron White would continue to played in the existing format and we would reduce the number of ends played in the Stan Hargreaves. It was reported that the Shield for this competition could not be found and that a replacement should be purchased.

The Date of the next meeting would be 6th March 2024.

The meeting closed at 14.25

Could clubs inform me of any changes in officials so that they can be updated on the webpage

Tables : The tables have been published after the first months play

Report on the Ron White Shield by John Stevenson

The competition this year was hosted this year by Mareham Le Fen bowls club. The club did us proud. Avril and her team provide lots of good eats and kept us well fed and watered, and the groundsman and his team, apologies for not asking your name, produced an excellent bowling surface. Certainly, and apologies to others, the best in the league.

The only thing lacking was the sun. Well done to all those taking part.

Well done to Ruskington for winning with a clean sheet, hard luck Wanderers who also had a clean sheet but not quite as good shot difference. In third place was Sleaford Town. Apologies to them and Patrick for putting the 3 against Woodpeckers instead of Sleaford.

Just a small point about the rules. These can be found on the English Bowls Federation website or some dusty book in the clubhouse somewhere. They are not arduous to read and will prevent future embarrassment.


1 Heckington 2 Sleaford Town, 3 Cranwell, 4 Bristol, 5 Eslaforde Park, 6 Ruskington,

7 Horncastle , 8 Woodpeckers, 9 Wanderers 10 Billinghay 11 Jubilee pk

12 Mareham le Fen


10 V 2 (A) 1 v 8 (B)

11V 6 (c) 7 v 12 (D)

BYES 9 (E) 5 (F) 3(G) 4 (H)


B V G,  F V E,  C V D, A V H




Stan Hargreaves

It did not look a promising day at 7.30a.m. in Heckington. Steady drizzle but trying to get a bit brighter as we left. It was the same for every one of those 41 bowlers who set off for Woodhall Spa that morning. We must be mad.

However when we got to the Town Bowling Green the groundsmen were at work tidying up and giving a good report that after a good soaking the green was draining well and suitable for play.

So we set off bowling and the weather got better. It soon stopped drizzling and the sun kept trying to come out during the day. In all it was much better weather than expected.

There was some good bowling and some good scores. In the end the winner of the tournament was Tom Chapman from Ruskington and the runner up was Paul Inchley from Heckington.

I would like to give a huge thank you to all 41 bowlers who supported the event on such an unpromising day. Not forgetting the members of Woodhall Spa Town Bowling Club for preparing the green and keeping us fed and watered. An especial thank you to the lady who made the excellent cakes and sandwiches. Well done all.

John Stevenson

Divisional Final

This will be held between Woodhall Wanderers and Eslaforde at Billinghay Bowls Club on Wednesday 30th of August

Wilkinson Shield Finals

It was a decent day on Wednesday 23rd August at Eslaforde Park bowls club. Unfortunately Jubilee Park could not raise a team due to unfortunate circumstances. The funeral of one of their club members coincided with the semi-final. Many club members were in attendance and they did not for obvious reasons have enough players to do themselves justice, only seven as it happens.

The semi-final that did take place between Eslaforde Park and Woodpeckers was a close affair but in the end Eslaforde Park came out on top. In the break food was provided by Gill and others to which I would like to thank her and the others involved.

The afternoon was nice and warm. Sleaford Town arrived and battle commenced. Again it was a very tight game but Eslaforde Park again came out on top by 55shots to 48shots. Well done Eslaforde Park.

Patrick presented them with the Shield and the cash prize for first place. He also presented Jayne with the runners up cash prize. I would like to thank the ground man and his ream for producing a really good bowling surface.

John Stevenson

Divisional Final

This was played at Billinghay on Wednesday 30th of August. Despite rain earlier on in the day the afternoon proved to be pleasant one to play bowls . The match was played between Woodhall Wanderers and Eslaforde Park. In the previous week Eslaforde had played and won against Woodhall in the Wilkinson Shield so they wanted their revenge.

The match was a closely fought one to begin with and the lead kept changing hands, but slowly Woodhall drew ahead and won on all three rinks.

Afterwards all enjoyed tea, coffee and biscuits and Mick Allan of Billinghay then presented the trophy’s to the teams.