News 2019

Welcome to the website of Woodhall Friendly Bowls League with news and information for clubs, players and potential players for the 2019 season

Divisional Final

This took place on Wednesday the 28th August at Eslaforde Park between Sleaford Town and Wanderers who were the successful team. Congratulation to both teams

League Structure 2020

With the withdrawal of Billingborough the southern division would only be able to play 10 matches next year. The league is therefore considering a restructuring of how it operates.

.We are looking into merging the two divisions and playing 12 matches throughout the season. This would mean that we could only play against each team once. So one season you could play a team at home but the next season you would play them away.

Starting the season as we currently do this would mean that the league programme would be finished at the end of July. The Ron White would be moved to the beginning Of August leaving three weeks in August when we could introduce a knock out competition. This would guarantee each club at least one extra game.

The last two weeks in August would be reserved for the final and semi-final.The competition could if circumstances dictate be played on any week day which would still  mean that there is time to play any rearranged matches. The Stan Hargreaves would be moved to the first week in September.

This competition is for club members to take part in and there is no limit to the numbers from each club, but would be limited to the first 36 applicants.

As stated in an earlier news piece on committee membership these competitions could only take place if we can find a Competition Secretary.

Billingborough Bowls Club

Unfortunately we have been notified that the club has closed and will not be able to take part in the league next year. On behalf of the league I would like to wish all former members of the club well and thank them for participating in our competitions.

Stan Hargreaves Trophy

This event has been cancelled due to insufficient entries.

Ron White Shield

This was played today at Woodhall Town. The weather was not ideal and instead of playing four matches each and  then a final, conditions dictated that only three games were played.  The winners of each division agreed not to play a final and the winner was declared as Park Rangers with runners up being Heckington.

Committee Membership

The current committee consists of Patrick Newton, Keith White and Rose Clapton. Patrick and Keith have been on the committee for many years. New members are needed. It is envisaged that one would be Competition Secretary looking after the Ron White Shield and the Stan Hargreaves Trophy. Also Keith has been Treasurer for almost 10 years and prudence dictates that somebody should undertake this role, this would still leave him as Secretary and Webmaster.Without people volunteering for the committee then the league could fold one day.Those interested in helping should contact Patrick or Keith.

Divisional Results

Congratulations to Sleaford Town and Wanderers who have won their respective divisions. The final will be helded at Eslaforde Park on 28th August. In the North we still have matches to play and results to be declared, but they will not impact on the final result. Club Captains are asked to urgently get these results to me.


Billingborough has informed the league that they will be unable to complete their fixtures for this season. At this point they have not indicated what they intend to do next season. I have left their completed matches on the results table, but I have disregarded the results when compiling the tables for the southern division


Fixtures 2020

This season the weather has provided many problems for clubs trying to fulfill their fixture programme. It is being considered that next season we will move the Ron White Shield back towards the end of the season. Also the Stan Hargreaves which has  traditionally been the last fixture of the season moves into the first week in September. This will leave two weeks for   re- arranged matches to be held in future.  

Ron White Shield

Due to the recent heavy rain and the expected rain on Tuesday it has been decided to cancel the event to protect the green at Woodhall Town. It is planned to re-arrange this competition and hold it on Wednesday 14 August. This day had originally been designated for re-arranged matches, so if you have re-arranged any matches,  can you please reschedule them for another day. In this instance matches could be held on other days than Wednesdays.

Alan Robinson

As explained at the AGM Alan was critically ill and has since sadly died. His funeral will be held on March 28th at 11 am at Cranwell Church and then onto Cranwell Village Social Club for those that wish to attend. The league wishes to offer their condolences to Maria and her family


The AGM was held at Cranwell Social Club on Wednesday 6th March 2019 and all 12 clubs were in attendance. A The President welcomed all to the meeting and then asked all to stand to remember bowlers and friends who were no longer with us.He informed the meeting that Alan Robinson was critically ill. B. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved. C. The Accounts were explained by the Treasurer and then approved by the members. The Treasurer said that the Finances were still in a stable position and recommended that no subscriptions would be collected for this year. Again this was approved. Rose agreed to be added to the bank mandate. D. Election of Officers. There were no volunteers to stand as Officers and the current officers agreed that they would stand again.The position of Secretary was now vacant due to Alans ill health. As there were no volunteers Keith White said he would act as secretary but would not act as competition secretary. Rose Clapton agreed to undertake this role subject to help with transport and assistance from the clubs. E.Competitions. Woodhall Town agreed to host the Ron White Shield and Ruskington the Stan Hargreaves Trophy F Proposals. The Treasurers proposal re GDPR Act was approved. Match Play section A reference to 2008 in regards to the Laws of the EBF should be deleted. G Charitable Donation this year would be to Cancer Research £100. H. Next Years Meeting will be the first Wednesday in March at 2pm at Cranwell Social Club.

Notice of AGM

The AGM of the League will be held at Cranwell Social Club on Wednesday 6th March at 2pm. The social club is next to the bowls club and there is plenty of parking. More information to follow.

Unfortunately we have resignations from two clubs, Leadenham in the south and Castle in the north. This means there will be fewer games for clubs to play.

A schedule of matches for the coming season is now shown on the website, which is subject to rectification at the AGM. Please note that Jubilee Park B is now renamed Park Rangers.

Contacts have also been updated on the website

Data Protection

This is now subject to the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018. The League considers that the storage and publication of contact details on the webpages as relevant and not excessive. It is also adequate and relevant to the objectives of the league. Once a named individual representative resigns from that position then their details will be deleted from our files. If any individual does not wish for their details to be published then it will be deleted, but the club will be asked to submit alternative details to be published.