League Rules


  1. To provide League Matches for members of clubs who wish to play in the afternoons.
  2. To promote friendship between Clubs and their Members.
  3. The elected Committee shall manage the affairs of the League. The Committee shall consist of at least three of the Officers of the League – a chairman, a Secretary, a Match Secretary (the previous two posts may be combined), a Treasurer and a President. Up to four other members may be elected to serve on the Committee. A quorum for all meetings shall be four.
  4. Each member of the Committee (whether also an Officer or not) is to be elected annually and current members may stand again.
  5. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt a member or members who shall serve until the next following AGM at which they may stand again. Such members shall have full voting rights.
  6. The Committee shall have the power to appoint such sub-committees as they deem appropriate and for such specific purpose as they deem appropriate. Such sub-committees shall report only to the full Committee and shall have no power to act on their own.
  7. In the event of any vacancy occurring between AGM’s, the Committee shall elect a substitute who shall be granted the powers of the post he or she occupies and shall serve until the next following AGM at which they may stand  again. Such members shall have full voting rights.


  1. The League will consist of two equal status sections.
  2. League Match Points will be awarded: 2 points for a win per rink and 1 point for a tie per rink.
  3. If, at the completion of all matches, there is a Points Tie, the total aggregate difference will decide Final League Positions.
  4. A play-off for the League Cup will take place between the 2 Section Leaders. This will be played at a neutral venue with host club being awarded the match fee. No player will be eligible for this match unless he/she has played in at least one other League Matches during that season for the Club he/she represents.
  5. Before this Final begins, Captains will agree a rink from the unturned cards. This rink will play 19 ends, so that, in the event of a tie at 18 ends, this 19th end result will determine the overall League winner. In the Final only, the aggregate shots from all three rinks will decide the winner. There will be no points awarded. The Secretary or other Committee Member  if he/she is unavailable shall be present at the draw for rinks and shall be responsible for the conduct of the match.
  6. The Runners-up will receive the Runner-Up Shield.


  1. Teams will consist of 3 rinks, each of 3 players. Each player will bowls 3 woods per end.
  2. ENTRY FEES for teams playing in the League and in the Ron White Shield shall be fixed at the AGM prior to the start of the League season. Each team shall inform the Secretary in writing of any changes to their intended participation in the League and/or its Competitions before 1st January each year to allow time for the Match Secretary to arrange the timetable.


  1. Unless otherwise stated specifically in these Rules, the “LAWS OF THE GAME – EBF – AS Currently AMENDED shall apply to all matches.
    b. A match will consist of 18 played ends. Should a match be terminated for any reason, the score at the time of termination will count as the final score provided that at least 12 ends have been completed. If 12 ends have not been completed (by all 3 rinks), then the match shall be void and shall be replayed in its entirety at a date MUTUALLY agreed between the teams.
  2. There shall be no trial ends.
  3. The Home Team shall deliver the jack for the first end.
  4. To count, woods must be within 2 metres of the jack.
  5. All woods must bear the correct club stickers – except that if both teams normally play with the same coloured stickers, the Home team must all either remove their stickers or add a temporary distinguishing mark to each side of every wood, before the start of play. Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that this is done.
  6. “The one essential that MUST be adhered to is that Footwear MUST be of the correct design in order to preserve the playing surface from damage. It is agreed that members of our Clubs may wear any of the approved colour footwear, just as long as they are approved flat-soled. Dress code below the waist must be grey and can be trousers, shorts, skirts or culottes as long as they are “decent and appropriate”. Above the waist, either predominantly white shirts, blouses, polo shirts, or any approved Club Shirt.”• The word “approved” is as defined in the EBF Rules.
    • The possible clothing permutations may help to encourage younger players to join and will enhance the corporate sense of each club. • This will also bring our League into line with others in the area. Team Captains should ensure that this Rule is adhered to by all their players.


  1. 10 MINUTES shall be allowed from the advertised start time for an absentee to arrive. If, after 10 minutes have elapsed, a player has not arrived, a substitute may be used – BUT may not play as a Skip.
    b. If no substitute is available, EBF Law VII.3 shall be observed. (In the event of two players playing against three the order of play shall be lead, lead, second (repeated as necessary), to be followed by the skips.)
    c. A player who becomes ill at any point after the first end has started and unable to continue, may be replaced by a substitute – if any is available – such substitute may NOT play as a Skip. Otherwise the score at that point shall be frozen and count  towards the result. The remaining players may continue to play if they wish, but the subsequent ends will not count towards the result.
    d. In any case where a substitute has started to play, that person must play to the end of the match and the original player may not take any further part.


  1. Clubs with two or more teams may interchange players from their own teams as often as they wish – provided no player plays for more than one such team within a period of seven days.
    b. Matches can only be postponed because of inclement weather or the green being unplayable.  This decision is entirely that of the green keeper concerned.
    c All matches are to be played in the afternoon, starting at 2 p.m. on the days shown on the official fixture list. Should a later start be requested, the team making this request must telephone the opposition at least 48 hours before the advertised time and ask if this is agreeable – and shall be bound by the reply.
    d. Should a change of date (or day) for a match be required the home team shall be responsible for putting forward alternative dates (three such dates to be put forward and the away team must accept one of these or forfeit the game – it is expected that such dates be reasonable and, if possible, mutually agreed upon). Both teams must agree and the Match Secretary informed accordingly.
    e. In the event that no suitable alternative date can be arranged, the Home team Captain shall send a written report to the Match Secretary. After taking into account all relevant aspects from both Clubs, the
    Match Secretary shall decide the distribution of points and this decision shall be final.
  2. The start of the season shall be the first Wednesday in May and the end of the season shall be as determined by the Match Secretary each year.
  3. RESULT SHEETS must be returned, completed, to the Results Secretary IMMEDIATELY after the game, by mail or by email.
  4. IN THE CASE OF 2 MATCHES IN ANY ONE WEEK. The second match on the fixture list may be played on any day in that week-IF BOTH TEAMS AGREE-. The Match Secretary MUST be informed of any change in date.
    Clubs with small number of members and having difficulty in fielding a full team may co-opt players from another club – BUT the Results secretary must be informed. This is a concession to be used only in rare circumstances. Such “borrowed” players may not play as Skip. For clarity, Rule 5 i does not apply to such “borrowed” players if they belong to another CLUB as opposed to another TEAM within the same club because it is intended to assist CLUBS with a small number of players, not those with two or more TEAMS.

Ron White Memorial Shield

A competition will take place for the Ron White Memorial Shield. The EBF Laws of the Game as currently amended will cover this competition.

  1. This is a Round Robin competition where League Teams can enter a team or teams of up to 5 players to take part.
  2. There will be four sessions of 8 ends each. The make-up of each team will be three players bowling three bowls each. The players can be rotated after each session.
  3. Two points are awarded to each team that wins their game and one for point each for a draw, and none for a loss. The shots for and against are recorded for each session.
  4. The team with the greatest number of points are the winners. The runners up are the team with the next most number of points. In the case of a points tie then the team with the largest shots difference wins. In the case of a shots difference tie then the team that has scored the most “shots for” wins. In the event of a tie at this stage then the team winning the most ends over the four sessions wins. If after all this there is a tie, then the trophy and any monies is shared.
  5. The entry fee for those teams wishing to enter will be collected at that season’s AGM held in the March. (I’m sure if there are any unforeseen circumstances that mean that a team cannot take part a refund can be negotiated)

The Wilkinson Shield

This is a knockout cup competition played by members of the Woodhall Spa Friendly Bowls League and it is played under EBF Rules.

There is a preliminary round played to decide who progresses to the first round, which will then consist of eight teams. Some teams will get a bye straight through to the first round. The others play off against each other to determine who goes through to join them.

The eight remaining teams will then play to decide the semi-finalists. The semi-final and final will then be played on the same day at an agreed neutral venue.

For each game, each team will consist of three rinks of three players who bowl three bowls each. Each game will be decided by the AGGREGATE score of all three rinks, with a previously drawn rink to play off if the scores are tied.

The Home team will deliver the jack at the first end although the captains will toss for the jack before the semi-final and final.

The games will be played over eighteen ends. Should a match be terminated for any reason before completion then the aggregate score at the time of termination will count as the final score provided at least twelve ends have been COMPLETED, by all three rinks.

If twelve ends have not been completed by all three rinks, then the match shall be void and shall be replayed in its entirety at a date MUTUALLY agreed between the teams. Please inform the competition secretary of all results.

The Stan Hargreaves Competition.

This is a competition for individuals from any or all the clubs in the Woodhall Spa Friendly League. It is played under EBF Rules.

The MAXIMUM of 48 players could enter and will be played at a pre-agreed venue.

There will be usually four sessions of eight ends played over the day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

Each player will draw a disc out of a bag. On the disc will be a colour, white or black, which is the team they will play for, a rink number and a bowling position.

The individual keeps their own score card and writes down the team score for each end. At the end of each session, they will have the total that their team scored.

They will then draw another disc out of the bag for the next session, and so on for the other sessions.

At the end of the competition the winner is the bowler with the most number of shots.

ANY MATTER NOT SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED FOR, will be dealt with in such manner and belief that true sportsmanship will prevail. It is the League’s belief that, in the absence of a specific Law or Rule, Common Sense will find a way to complete a happy solution to a knotty  problem. Unusual incidents not specifically provided for frequently occur – it is on such occasions that the “Friendly” word of the League’s title will be uppermost in everyone’s mind. In the rare event that teams cannot agree, the League Secretary must be approached by the teams concerned for a solution that shall be binding on the parties concerned.

Data Protection

This is now subject to the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018. The League considers that the storage and publication of contact details on the webpages as relevant and not excessive. It is also adequate and relevant to the objectives of the league. Once a named individual representative resigns from that position then their details will be deleted from our files. If any individual does not wish for their details to be published then it will be deleted, but the club will be asked to submit alternative details to be published.


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